Leg Lamb, Tomato, Garlic & Rosemary Ravioli

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Slow cooked leg lamb with a blend of tomato, garlic, rosemary and a touch of red wine folded in a classic egg pasta

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  • Filling: Lamb (50%),Onions, Red Wine (5.9%), Flour (Wheat), Olive And/Or Vegetable Oil, Tomato Paste (2%), Garlic (1%), Parsley, Rosemary (0.09%), Oregano, Salt, Pepper
  • Pasta: Flour (Wheat), Durum Semolina (Wheat), Eggs, Water, Salt
  • Dusted With Rice Flour
  • Cooking Instructions

    Drop frozen ravioli into rapidly boiling salted water. Stir gently. Return to the boil then simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Lift out & serve immediately.



    Nutritional Facts

    Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g

    Average Quantity             Per Serving             Per 100g

    Energy                                       1410 kJ                  938 kJ

    Protein                                        18.7 g                  12.5 g

    Fat, Total                                      6.3 g                    4.2 g

    - Saturated                                   1.0 g                    0.7 g

    Carbohydrate, Total                  46.2 g                  30.8 g

    - Sugars                                        10.1 g                    6.8 g

    Sodium                                      557 mg                371 mg


    Serving Possibilities

    • Quick & Easy
    • Serve with melted butter or a drizzle of olive oil & parmesan cheese
    • Tried & Tested

    • Mix & Match
    • Fold through roasted capsicums, cherry tomatoes & rocket