Pumpkin & Ricotta (with Saffron) Gnocchi

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The sweetness of pumpkin combined with delicate ricotta with notes of pecorino, nutmeg and saffron.

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  • Pumpkin (50%), Semolina, Plain Flour, Ricotta And Pecorino Cheeses (Cow's And Goat's Milk, Salt, Non-Animal Rennet Culture), Saffron, Salt, Pepper, Egg White, Nutmeg
  • Dusted With Rice Flour
  • Cooking Instructions

    Drop frozen gnocchi in rapidly boiling salted water. Do not stir. Return to the boil then simmer on low heat until they float to the surface. Remove with a large slotted spoon & drain well.



    Nutritional Facts

    Average Quantity Per Serving Per 100g

    Average Quantity             Per Serving             Per 100g

    Energy                                         987 kJ                  658 kJ

    Protein                                        10.1 g                    6.8 g

    Fat, Total                                      4.1 g                    2.7 g

    - Saturated                                   2.1 g                    1.4 g

    Carbohydrate, Total                  37.3 g                  24.9 g

    - Sugars                                         5.0 g                    3.3 g

    Sodium                                      451 mg               301 mg


    Serving Possibilities

    • Quick & Easy

    • Tried & Tested
    • Serve immediately with butter & shaved parmesan

    • Mix & Match
    • Perfect with a sage, cream & white wine sauce