Ravioli is a labour of love. Every stage requires care to ensure each pillow is a stand out in flavour and texture. The fillings consist of a balanced range of fresh vegetables, choice herbs, international spices, Italian cheeses and premium Australian produce. Cooked fillings simmer for hours to maximise the depth of flavour. Fresh egg and flavoured egg pasta is made to encase each filling with mindful consideration to match the pasta flavour with the filling. The ravioli are then stuffed by artisans who take real pride in their work. There are no hidden extras or fillers, no preservatives and no additives of any kind. Each ravioli is examined, brushed with rice flour then snap frozen to ensure optimum freshness.





  • Smoked Salmon Ravioli with Rocket Salad

    Perfect for lunch, this is a refreshing salad enhanced by the delicious flavours in the ravioli. Read More
  • Fried pancko crumbed Potato & Garlic Ravioli

    An interesting take on ravioli. Create a light and crunchy treat, great as finger food and perfect for tapas. Read More